Crazy Browser Free Download

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Crazy Browser Free Download

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Crazy Browser comes by default with a handy plugin for disabling flash in the current tab or in all the tabs.

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Using this program you will notice that it functions pretty smoothly, with pages loading fairly fast while keeping pop-up ads and other unwanted content away.

The main buttons and features are at the top, a large window underneath presents the websites you want to visit.

License Free Language English 3 rating 14, 77 Total downloads 4.

You don t have to part with your money in order to use Crazy Browser; the application is freeware.

Pros Incredibly lightweight download, simple installation process, easy to use interface.

Filter by: License Language Operating system Sort by: License Free Language English 7 rating 13, 12 Total downloads 7.

License Free Language English 8 rating 2, 52 Total downloads 0.

Freeware (consider making a donation to support the Crazy Browser nonprofit project).

Offering an intuitive interface, the application has the ability to block all popups.

If your computer is a Windows-powered PC, the browser that comes installed by default on it is Microsoft s Internet Explorer (IE).

Finding the Internet browser that best suits your needs is not always a matter of choosing between the big names in the business as there are many feature-packed although less.

Crazy Browser is a tool that enables you to browse the Internet quickly.

Crazy Browser Free Download

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